Choosing the right college isn't easy. Are you trying to figure out your son or daughter's college plans? Rest assured you came to the right place.  There‚Äôs a lot of information available for parents and prospective students, which can seem overwhelmingPreparing for college can seem like selling a house, buying a new car or a new TV or planning your retirementLots of information is available online, but that can often lead to even more questions and fewer answers. But I'm here here to help. College is an investment, and just as you'd work with a realtor to buy or sell a home, seeking advice on your child's future can help to make sure it's the right investment. Many families seek assistance from a variety of sources, but the goal is always the same: finding the RIGHT school at the RIGHT price with the RIGHT opportunities for your child's future. I look forward to helping you find helpful answers to simplify the college admissions process and find the best path for your child's education after high school.

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Why hire help?


Independent educational consultants have

 been helping students and their families for decades, but the need for their skills and expertise is increasing because more and more families realized they couldn't navigate the time-consuming college process on their own. Since I'm a member of the Higher Education Consultant's Association, you can be sure you're hiring an ethical professional.

How does it work?

We can meet face-to-face, over the phone, and via email. I will have a roadmap with clear expectations (for me and the student) for all of the things we need to do. My goal is to make the whole process less stressful. I work with students to really find out who they are and what they're interested in. I don't get hung up on name recognition because admission to a college is not a prize to be won. This is why ethical independent educational consultants focus on the student as a whole and help students discover where they can be successful.

The Essay

This is by far the most stressful piece of the college application, but I'm here to alleviate that anxiety. I don't just proofread an essay. I work to help with the process from start to finish, from brainstorming to final draft. The college essay is a unique piece of writing: part creative, part expositional, all personality. You are more than your stats. That's what the admissions office wants to read about and I want to make sure you leap off the page. 

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